Work-Life Balance

Do you feel queasy every time you think about backing away from your business?

Two drivers must be in place to successfully Half-Retire. The owner must have a powerful reason to Half-Retire and they must be willing to adjust how they “CEO” the business. With this foundation, the Half-Retire System can provide a path to increased net worth, better work-life balance, less stress, and need or desire.

If your cost of retirement is funded without your business, congratulations! You are one of the few. If your business allows you to work as much or as little as you’d like and the work you do it only what you enjoy doing, congrats again!

For the bulk of business owners, this is not the case yet. If you are not fully-enjoying the financial and personal benefits of the years of hard work it took to build your business, what will it take to spark that desire?

The average Half-Retiree adds over $1,355,000 to their net worth, so the changes required are well worth it. For some, however, the benefits of Half-Retirement do not outweigh the pain of staying the same.

If this sounds like you, ask yourself…

  • What will your life be like in five years?
  • Will you be working just as hard?
  • Will you be grinding out the same task list as today?
  • Will your financial stress be more or less than today?
  • Will your family become frustrated that you are working all the time
    and can’t enjoy quality time with them?

Business owners are great at “grinding it out.” They can push through the most difficult situations that would impede ordinary people. However, that ability can begin to work against you. Grinding it out becomes the norm rather than the exception. Business owners say things like, “Well, that’s just the way it is.” It doesn’t have to be the way it is, but it will be if you don’t want things to improve.

You deserve more from your business. You have served it for many years, and now it’s the business’s turn to serve you. If you can find a powerful reason for change and be willing to adjust how you “CEO” the business, you can achieve much more than you might imagine.

How to Half-Retire
Half-Retirement isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Imagine doing only the work you enjoy, ditching the work you hate, keeping your income, and keeping the business asset. Pulling off Half-Retirement can dramatically alter your financial future. Do the math for yourself.

Success Stories (click to enlarge)

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