Half Retire Success Stories

Testimonials from Successfully Half Retired Business Owners


“Running a $100M+ company means you are responsible for a lot of people’s livelihoods. I was scared to death about removing myself from the primary sales role. I worried that without my relationships, we could not close deals. It took a year, but I’ve completely removed myself from any sales work and have taken on a more strategic role at the company.”

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“My travel schedule was brutal. We repair and certify equipment on site, so covering the western half of the United States was exhausting. There was a lot of equipment only I could fix, so I did not see a path to Half-Retirement. There was no one and no way to delegate my work. By tweaking my business model and changing several workflows, I have cut my travel in half. That equates to one and a half weeks more each month to sleep in my own bed.”

“I did not know if Half Retire would work for a one-person firm, but I wanted to cut back my workload and did not know where to start. I am now working less that 25 hours a week versus 50+.”

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“I Half-Retired for several years but decided to fully retire and sell my stores. I was able to quickly and easily sell my locations for more than the appraisal because the business ran well without me. Thanks Half-Retire!”

“After implementing the Half-Retire model, I have been able to work fewer hours while keeping things moving. I just got back from two solid weeks at our lake cabin and feel great!”

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“I felt like there were too many things only I could do, so I was working 50-60 hours a week. It was exhausting at my age. After just one coaching session, I was able to reduce my workload by over 20 hours a week.”

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