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Integration Company, Columbus

Apr 18, 2024

Enhancing Value Beyond EOS

Tom Jordan’s work in confirming organizational value and learning/executing concepts has helped to build value in our organization. We use the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS, as the model to run our business and a lot of things in that model natively help with value building. Yet there are a lot of other modules where there’s more work to be done to enhance value that EOS doesn’t address, and the Value Builder System and Tom does. Having participated in conceptual education sessions on value building in years past, we’ve found Tom’s work with us has been solid and his advice, guidance, and suggestions come from a place of experience.

Contracting Company, Westmont

Feb 11, 2024

Comprehensive Preparation for Transition

I have contracted with Tom Jordan on several items in preparation for my exit from my business in years to come. The most recent project is The Value Builder System. We collectively set up the program to meet both of our scheduling needs and the cadence was spot on. Tom’s input was invaluable and shows his wide range of expertise. He asked probing questions to get to the root of the situation. As a result, I have gained a better understanding of my business and my exit strategies. I highly recommend Tom and ExodusComplink to work with, even if you are not thinking of leaving your business. They have added value to me and my business.

Landscaping Company, Houston

Jan 21, 2024

Trusted Advisor, Exceptional Results

Tom Jordan has unbelievable insights and talents. He has the end in mind when he looks at your Business. He utilizes his 35+ years experience to help you see through items that a business owner most likely would never see (it’s hard to see the forest when you’re stuck in the trees). Tom showed me how to make our business very attractive not only from the cleanliness of our trucks and equipment, but also our reputation and most important, our annual sales with the annual EBITDA growth. I would recommend ExodusComplink without reservation. With our succession plan in place, we achieved a windfall day of success.

Manufacturing Company, Seattle

Nov 15, 2023

Seller’s Advocate, Customized Approach

I wanted to sell my business within a year when I approached Tom Jordan. He was very accommodating and customized his program to fit my needs. He always had great answers to my questions and obviously knows the industry very well. He prepared me well to meet my broker and ask the right questions. He is a true “seller advocate.” I would recommend Tom and his programs to anyone selling their business who wants to focus on the immediate changes that will have the largest impact on your business value and your EBITDA multiples without getting bogged down with unnecessary tasks.

Business Education Company, Westlake

Aug 5, 2023

Aligning Compensation and Business Strategies

I thought I knew all of the intricacies of compensation planning as it relates to Human Capital….then I met Tom Jordan. His broad spectrum of experience and creativity shed more light on the importance of aligning a companies’ compensation strategy, both short and long term, with the business strategy. From annual salary and bonus platforms to his use of stock and non-stock strategies to retain and reward key people, his creative use of applying the Value Acceleration Methodology to his unique role and his ability to speak the CEPA language makes him a valuable asset to all CEPA’S as they take their clients through our trademarked process. Tom is easy to work with and expertly positions other exit planning advisors in their client planning.”

Manufacturing Company, San Antonio

Jul 10, 2023

Differentiation Through Well Planned

I was looking for something unique to offer my 4 key employees. The usual package of health insurance and 401-k plan was just not a differentiation of my company anymore. It’s as if these basic benefits are these days considered an expectation. A colleague at our local trade association introduced me to Tom’s Well Planned platform. It immediately became clear to me how unique this benefit is and how it will change the financial lives of my key people. The methodology used is almost genius in that it takes a holistic approach in teaching my people how to make better money decisions. Tom does an outstanding job of protecting the confidentiality of everyone involved. I highly recommend taking a close look at how Tom uses this benefit to bring key people closer to the vision I have for my company.

Construction Company, St. Louis

May 15, 2023

Enhancing Employee Financial Clarity

Tom and I started our relatonship by focusing on building my business value. I am planning on selling my company in about 4 years. In the process of our work together he prepared a comprehensive exit readiness analysis which included a deep review of my personal wealth outside of the business. The platorm he used is called “Well Planned.” I was so impressed with the process that I hired Tom to take my 6 key employees through the same experience. Not only is his platorm an outstanding executive perk, it also helps my people with personal financial clarity.

Let’s talk about your business, what you want to accomplish with it, the pain points you need to eliminate and I’ll answer your questions about ways we can work together to create the results you want to see in your business. Schedule 20 minutes with me. I am an easy guy to talk with. You can share a little about your story. No pressure. No hard sell. No razzle dazzle.
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