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presented by Thomas J. Jordan, MSFS, CEPA
We are offering two Phantom Stock webinars in May.
The first will be tailored for Advisors to Business Owners while the second will be focused on the benefits that might
be realized by a company implementing a Phantom Stock program. Please select as appropriate for your situation.

Monday, May 16 at 1:00 PM CST


-OR- Tuesday, May 17th at 10:00 AM CST



What is a Phantom Stock program?

A phantom stock program is a form of a long-term incentive plan. It is designed to award employees using potential value and will not devaluate actual stock. It is a type of deferred bonus tied to appreciation in equity or market.

Instinctively, owners assume that employees with equity will be better employees. If employees have stock, perhaps they will think and behave like owners. Maybe they will have greater incentive to manage expenses, service customers, innovate, work hard and even invest their own money in the business.

However, the means to achieving these attractive outcomes often creates more problems than they solve which is often what happens when closely held business owners go down the path of equity sharing.

About Phantom Stock Plans:

  • How does a Phantom Stock plan work?
  • Who should consider a plan?
  • What business purposes are accomplished?
  • How does it differ from a Formal Stock Plan?
  • Full Value vs. Phantom Stock Options

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