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presented by Thomas J. Jordan, MSFS, CEPA

            Tuesday,  January 31st at 10:00 AM CST


OVERVIEW: The Yes Box – How to Avoid a Race to the Bottom

While recessions can be brutal, they may also be the catalyst for innovation. What if you could capitalize on challenging economic times?

If you don’t want to compete in a price war to the bottom or cower in the corner until things improve, it requires an entirely new way of approaching your industry that we call “Step-Change Thinking.”

A step-change is when you take a large step forward all at once. Rather than small tweaks, you make a significant improvement over your existing competitors.

In this webinar you will discover tools you can use to reinvigorate and expand your business — while others prioritize survival and preservation.

Learn how to:
• Approach your industry in a new way called, “Step-Change Thinking”.
• Feel at ease by understanding the cyclical nature of recessions.
• Avoid the urge to take the wrong approach.
• Gain inspiration from companies that successfully made step-change
• Spark innovation in your business through an exercise called “The Yes Box”

Webinar focus:

  1. Recessions are a Normal Part of the Business Cycle
  2. Don’t Compete in a Race to the Bottom
  3. Recessions can be Catalysts for Innovation
  4. Step-Change Thinking vs. Incrementalism
  5. Offering Step-Change Improvements
  6. Demanding More for Their Money
  7. Taking Advantage of Disrupted Inertia
  8. Sticky Expectations
  9. The Yes Box

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