May 2023: The Overlooked Owner
How an Owner’s Exit Strategy Affects the Value

How do you determine the value of a company? Your gut might tell you that the only thing that matters in valuation is to examine financial performance or analyze the competitive landscape. We widely accept that determining the value of a business is a scientific process. But… In our study of the 1,511 companies, we found one factor commonly omitted when assessing the value of a company – the owner.
June 2023: Seller Insights
Why most deals blow up and what you can do about it:

Sellers want to maximize their profit and buyers want to pay the least for their investment. These two opposing points of views cause major conflict throughout negotiations. This webinar guides Seller’s through exploring their business as buyers will. As a result, Seller’s can proactively learn the tips and strategies to present business information to buyers, talk through complicated issues, and address skeletons in the closet.
July 2023: Famous or Rich?
9 Ways Smart Owners Prioritize Wealth Over Recognition:

There was a time when being big was paramount. To become more valuable, you had to grow bigger. But a new emerging generation of owners are focused on something else – their goal is to build more valuable companies — often at the expense of their size.
According to our quantitative research, these owners, called value builders, have more disposable cash than the traditional small business and are significantly more likely to hire an advisor for strategic advice. They’re twice as likely to be expecting to sell their company in the next two years, and their numbers are growing as boomers continue to retire at a feverish pace.
August 2023: The End Game
A Business Owners Guide for Deciding When to Sell:

It can be tempting to try to time the sale of your business to coincide with a peak in the economy. If you’re like a lot of founders, you’re probably trying to time the sale of your business to coincide with the top of an economic cycle. Given today’s headlines, you may be wondering if you have waited too long. However, as this webinar will demonstrate, timing the marked is a fool’s errand, and contemplating your endgame requires a completely different approach.
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