Exit Readiness

We help business owners leave their companies in their own time, with complete control and maximum value. We help in building transferable value to enhance the final value. Exit Planning is nothing more than good business and strategic planning in the here and now, but with an end date in mind. It’s never to soon to start. We can help get you there.
Download your copy of the 2023 National State of Owner Readiness Report. How do today’s owners stack up against a decade ago? Delve into the latest insights, assessing business attractiveness and owner readiness on a national scale. Explore how readiness, paired with business attractiveness, significantly amplifies transition success. Uncover crucial findings indicating that prepared owners not only achieve SUCCESSFUL exits but SIGNIFICANT ones.
The transfer of your business may be the biggest financial transaction of your life. The strategy may be a succession to the next generation of family. It could be a sale to employees. It may be a sale to another entrepreneur, or acquisition by a larger company. In some cases, it could require an orderly dissolution.
In every case, it involves tax, legal, financial, operational and risk management expertise. Exit planning, in the true sense of the word, is coordinating all those skills so that they work together for a single objective.


How prepared are you to exit your business?

The ExitMap® Assessment examines your exit preparedness in four key categories; Operations, Planning, Finance and Revenue/Profit. It is a multiple-choice questionnaire that does not require confidential financial information and should take only 15 minutes to complete. For your effort, a full-color 12-page report will be emailed to you upon completion.
After receiving your report, we will schedule a follow-up debriefing to discuss your exit preparedness.

Recent studies show that 66% of the current American business market is owned by Baby Boomers, who are set to transition over the next zero to ten years. Statistics also show that only 20%-30% of businesses that go to market actually sell; leaving up to 80% of those without solid options to harvest their wealth and ensure economic continuity into the next generation. An owner who is “ready” with an attractive business greatly increases the odds that the business will survive a transition of hands.

VIDEO: An Introduction to the ExitMap® Assessment

Advisors who earn the CEPA designation have the ability to holistically serve business owners’ needs regardless of the timing of their exit. CEPAs lead teams, enable educated decisions and create positive change and successful exits for their clients.

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