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Custom Projects

  • Fixing broken Bonus Plans, Re-Engineering Pay philosophy, Retention and Reward plans for Key People, Long Term Incentive Programs, Phantom Stock Plans, 401-k Restoration Strategies
  • Exit Mapping, Owner Centricity Study, Family Ownership Transition Blueprint, De-Risking Study, Single Owner Buy-Sell Planning, Partner Buy-Sell Mitigation Opinion, Key Employee Cost Replacement, Stock Redemption Platforms, Contingency Emergency Roadmap, Personal and Business Asset Integration Study, Value Gap Analysis, EBITDA Multiplier Study, Isolated Value Builder Module Consultation
  • Certified Valuation planning for: Mergers and Acquisitions, Buy-Sell Value Corrections, Share Price Targeting, IRS Challenges, Minority Owner Discount Validation, Marital Dissolutions in Divorce, Partner Disputes, Bank Loans and SBA Audits, Fairness Opinion, Liability Claim Support, Capital Infusion, Gift and Estate Tax Planning, Annual ESOP calculations, Collateral Assessments, Sub-S Conversion Calculations

We don’t charge by the hour. Once we define the scope of service needed and we define the deliverables we will provide you with your flat project cost via a detailed proposal.